Tuesday, March 6, 2057

Trouble...........comes in many forms

Being in trouble comes in many forms. And in many ways.
For instance, I am currently in trouble both at work and at home. Well not at my home at least.
Not here, hold on a second while I give the little man a scratch.

Ok, should I note when I leave the blog to go and do things? It's not as if anyone would notice.... Well continuing on.

Trouble. I am in serious trouble with Sar, even though I am not the one who knocked her down. Yes Cresco, I am looking firmly in your direction.
Here's what happened. We were on our way out to something or other, I think it was an Orchestra of some kind. And we were about to leave and I realised that Crease here had not been fed yet, so instead of him destroying the kitchen or trying to steal my sandwich again I fed him.

This is where things started to go wrong, Sar was down the hall looking at the fish, and Crease was in the bedroom taking up more of the bed than I feel is completely necessary.
Now if this was a movie the sequence of events would go a little like this.

Scott walks and opens the fridge.
**in other room** Crease hears a sound and pricks open an eyelid.
Scott takes out a dish of terriyaki chicken and Tuna Chunks.
Crease rockets out of bed, shooting down the hallway and bowling over Sarah. Comedy ensues.

Only it seemed to deviate from the script right about at the comedy part. Sarah fell down, unhurt and may or may not have pulled the fish food down onto her.
And the tropical fish use liquid fish food.
The white stain on the dark suit is not nearly as fashionable as you would at first think. So we'll wait and see if that calms down.

Oh man, I'm seriously going to laugh about it. And Sar will too, in a day or so. Tonight....... not very likely.

And at work.... Well work is a different kind of trouble. It's the doing so much work and security so strict it's going to kill me. None of it imposed by work.
Because the code I'm working on is for Tayudaco and they're owned by a foreign company our work is being monitored. Security tightened. I've even had a team come to my house and "intercept" me half-way to work.
I almost feel as if I am a criminal or doing something wrong. I hope this all dies down soon. Although I do have to say I'm on edge.

A freeway overpass was trashed in the city last week. Supports destroyed and it came crashing down. In our city. And everything has changed since. The whole world has moved to the edge of their seats. I'm supposed to see things differently as a man. Some ideals haven't changed in a long time. But to be honest. I'm scared...

Tuesday, February 20, 2057

Creeping slowly by

This week has streamed. Well it felt like it streamed for most of it. I've been hard at work, and making huge progress on this robotics software. Well it did seem that way until I needed the cleanup code. This is without any questions the most boring aspect of any code project. Adding things to make sure it works.
Why am I even doing this? Am I the ideal candidate to add checks to see if I made a mistake. I know this works all the time, and I know exactly how to do it. But sooner or later I can convince someone that I shouldn't be looking for faults in my own code.

What a week for Crease, he really dug the Mantaboards last week. I was terrified he was going to run out there. Well mostly I'm scared of it happening because he did when he was a kitten.
And this is no ordinary sized kitten, boost!

He would have been 8 months old, so close to 75cm tall and fairly heavy for his size, something around 50kg and very playful. I was watching more Mantaboarders and he took off. Flew over the railing, into the ramps and jumped on some boarder. That poor juve thought he was about to be a snack. I was screaming "Cresco Dilato" at the top of my lungs, and I think that's where I decided if he was going to be this much trouble I'd need a shorter name. So we have Crease.

Speaking of trouble, Sar left her job. Just dropped it.
So she's now applying for a new one working in some lit store. They specialise in selling books. Real books. No e-ink readers and flexipaper, one book stored between the same set of pages. You want to read something else, pick up another one. I love it.

This morning was terrible, I was on my way into work and suddenly the auto-d drops on and I take a right turn onto the wrong side of the freeway. I'd have been more alarmed if all of the cars didn't move with me and there were beams out to hold traffic out. I'm not sure what was going on, but it made me over 45 minutes late for work.

The news has nothing, and I'll get another chance to check by lunchtime. But there has to be something pretty serious happening to cause a traffic jam. It must have been 20 minutes I was stationary for. I can't recall ever being stuck in a traffic jam. Definitely not since I was a kid. If only I didn't have so much work to do....

I hope everything is ok. I'm gonna call Sar and Crease, see if they're ok.

Swat out.

Monday, February 12, 2057

Another Day........

Just another day, well not exactly JUST another day. But it being "another" day is an effective observation. Valentine's day is around the corner and I havent even gotten anything for Sar yet... Maybe I can give her Crease, oh man hed be totally tanked with that.

There was this one time I even suggested I would leave him home while I went away. He bit a hole in the bottom of a milk carton and sucked it out then got the empty carton back in..... Hyper Intelligent pets have downsides too!

We moved into a new contract today, Ive been asked to write some code for a new robot an un-named company is bringing out. Diagnostic stuff, so let's hope for once a decent framework has been planned out. I hate writing code to interact with things and the API for it is messy and just blech. But not that we're here to discuss that sort of thing.

I've decided I need to plan further ahead. Well not that Sarah and I haven't discussed where things will go........... but I don't mean plans with us. We have commitment bands. Matching ones, which alarmed a lot of people. Maybe one day we can apply to get married, how lucky would that be....

No by plans I mean things I would like to do that will take more than a lu-cyc to plan. So in short........ Today it's about the things I would like to see.

Id love to go to Tokyo to see the Ion Harvesters, that is a serious Boost concept. And I even wrote about them in High School... It was something like:

In 2049 poluttion and smog over Tokyo Japan became so dense that the city was in a perpetual state of dusk. The emergent solution was a system of electronically charged plates and spires atop the tallest buildings. This web of electrical currents ionised the particles of heavy metals and oxides and allowed them to be attracted to the spires. Nano filters extracted the particles and formed them into cylinders which were then sent through a pipe system to a recycling facility.
Or something similiar. It was very boost at the time. And to be honest it still is. There's some things in life that are very man. And giant electrical harvesters 3 miles up is one of them.

Also on my "to see" list, are the Smithsonian Musuem. The whole thing, It's been collecting relics of mankinds achievements for years. It's got to be over a hundred years.The moon landing (It was all so primitive) and the Mars rover we retrieved in the 30's. Of course there's nothing from the Man on Mars project. I even heard that they've considered not sending anyone else. Either out of respect or fear of losing another team.

And of course there's so much more.
Oh boost Sar is calling, we're off to the park to watch some MantaBoards.

Crease.......LETS GO!!!

Tuesday, February 6, 2057


I suppose things are always meant to have an introduction, even if it comes second.
Which is a bit of a normality for me.
Things won't always be boost around here. Oh except where Crease is concerned.

Crease is my Kat™. His full name is Cresco Dilato, because, well mostly because he seems to take up whatever space is available. But Crease sounds better most of the time. It's not like I want to be yelling latin across the house. Or yelling at him at all... After all he's my best friend, and he's 38 kilos ;)

I'm Scott obviously. I'm a big fan of the past, the whole era from the end of the 20th century and into the 21st. Things were so different then, and for me it's when the world really changed. Looking back as far as the discovery of flight and cars is a little too far, it's like ancient history. The window to the era gone by is so much more interesting, and easier for me to find things from!

I work for a software company that does freelance work. Is it still freelance if a company does it? I guess this is what you'd call a contract firm. Well these terms get bandied about, and corpo words change all the time, well except corpo. That one will stay ;)

Hrmm, anything else I need to say at the start. Obviously you'll be hearing about Sar, she's steam in the most fantastic way. Seriously, she is the sparkle of my life and between her and Crease I'm happy.

I also own a dream machine, which is such a buzz. To actually own a car these days is big. Its pricey, but I can go somewhere without a hovertrain and of course well out of the cities....

Ok time to run for work.

Talk soon.

Tuesday, January 30, 2057


I guess it's something of an ego trip to have an arrival.......

But I'm here now.
Where is here? or When more importantly? Isn't that how these things go.
Now I feel like the missing character from a story.
When am I? Who are these people.......

Well its' not really that in depth. I'm just Scott Watson.
Or Swat to my friends. If only I'd lived in the good old days at the turn of the century. Apparently SWAT was a division of the police in the US. The tough ones.

We'll I'd better run to work, I just thought it's about time I kept a journal. After all, these blog things have been in use for 60 years or so............hate to be the last guy to get one.